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For a listing of the Table of Contents for all published Workbooks (currently 1-5) click here.


Two vocabulary drill lists are now available on the memrise website, each with fifty of the most common words in the New Testament.

See them here:  and here:  

You will need to have a memrise account, but it’s free.


To return to this page at any point, click on the icon with three horizontal lines, above, and choose ‘home’.  This is what the icon looks like:

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SOUND FILES:  Click here for a page that gives a link for each sound file in the Workbook, level 1.

SOUND FILES 2:  Click here for a page that gives a link for each sound file in the Workbook, level 2.

SOUND FILES 3 and 4:  Click here for a page that gives a link for each sound file in the Workbook, levels 3 and 4

SOUND FILES 5:  Click here for a page that gives a link for each sound file in the Workbook, level 5

VOCABULARY:  Click here for a list of vocabulary used in volumes 1 and 2 of the Workbook.

DECLENSION TABLES: Nouns:  Click here for a page with declension tables for koine nouns.

GENERAL RESOURCES:  Click here for a page with links to general on-line resources for New Testament Greek.

PRONUNCIATION:  Click here for a page with links to pronunciation resources for the koine, and for links to the New Testament read aloud in Greek.

Readers are also invited to submit questions via the blog.


7 thoughts on “Welcome . . .

  1. Thaddeus Irvine says:

    As a NT Greek tutor, I would like to know how many books are planned for the series?

    Many thanks,


    (Pastor Dr Thaddeus Irvine)

  2. evyenia says:

    Hello Dr. Irvine, Thank you for your interest. The third book in the series will be out sometime in March. After that I am planning at least two more.Workbooks, with more possible if interest warrants.


    • evyenia says:

      Thank you for your comment! It often feels like I am sending my small efforts out into the void, so I very much enjoy hearing from a reader.

  3. Ken Gerhan says:

    I have purchased many primary Greek grammars over the years, and none have been a good fit for me until I found these books. They are absolutely great. I feel that i am finally making some good progress in my Greek studies. Where can I find a bio on the author?

    • evyenia says:

      Hi Ken – Thank you for your comment. If you are talking about the Workbook series that is available (on amazon) through this website, then those are books that I wrote. I have a long-time interest in the Greek language, from Homer to modern Greek, and I teach classes in both koine and modern, with a very occasional student interested in Homeric. I find it particularly interesting to look at word usage over the very long history of this language – what has changed, and what hasn’t.

      I have always found a workbook format helpful in my own studies, which is why I started writing the series. Thanks again!


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