Matthew 22:44 in the Codex Sinaiticus and the Codex Vaticanus, part 2

The Codex Vaticanus is available online in two forms: (1) as scans of the original housed in the Vatican Library, and (2) as scans of a ‘facsimile’ edition.

‘Facsimile’ usually means an exact copy, but the version available online is actually a pseudo-facsimile.  Take a look at Matthew 22:44, with the original first and the facsimile underneath:

Codex Vaticanus Matt 22 44

codex vat fac

The facsimile reproduces the types and shapes of the letters, but this is done via a type font which was specifically designed for the Vaticanus.  You can see that the letters are too consistent to be handwritten, although the smaller letters at the end of lines may be.

It also reproduces the letter spacing (no spaces between words) and the lines.  I.e., the same words make up a line in the original and the facsimile.  Overlines are present for the nomina sacra, and the double dots (diaeresis) above the upsilon.

Other markings – what appear to be acute and circumflex accents – are not reproduced.  On the original, note the circumflex accents over several omegas in particular.  I believe these markings were added later, i.e., after the original production of the codex, which is why the facsimile does not include them.

The lines in the Vaticanus are not the same as in the Sinaiticus.  The first line above, for example, begins with λέγων from the previous verse; in the Sinaiticus the line begins with εἶπεν.  Altogether the verse in the Vaticanus takes up five lines, and in the Sinaiticus, six.  Here is the latter for comparison:22 44 Sinaiticus

Finally, as with the Sinaiticus, the word ὑποκάτω is used and not ὑποπόδιον in the last phrase.  I wanted to check this against the wording of the Codex Alexandrinus, but Matthew 22:44 is not extant in that manuscript.


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